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Who we are

Rina Nir

Co-Founder and CEO

Who we are

Did you know that one-third of a given company’s operational budget goes into “Quality Assurance and Compliance”? That means your team is routinely focused on meeting regulatory requirements, not bettering products.

This overhead is unique to our industry. I know the pain first-hand because, as co-founder of a successful medtech startup, I processed a mountain of regulatory-related documents and bills. Shortly after that, I launched RadBee to deliver to life sciences companies quality management processes that align with their product development needs. I wanted to see less waste and more impact.

Today our work isn’t just about creating Controlled Documents solutions, CAPAs, training documents, or SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) and Design Controls in Jira. It’s about having a hands-on partnership with our clients, which gives us field-validated knowledge of what doesn’t work — and what does. From this intel, we’ve built a set of tried and true configuration practices and code libraries, which allows us to deliver significant value quickly.

We’re here to help you squeeze every bit of business impact possible from your quality systems. Electronic platforms, like Jira and Confluence, are how we deliver change, but the goal is never to just “roll out a tool.” The world needs your best work. Our mission is to unleash your team’s potential to deliver the best healthcare.

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Our philosophy

Keep it simple

Simple processes are easy to live by. The more intuitive and easy it is for people to understand and perform compliance-related duties, the more effective and impactful the quality processes.

Stay sustainable

Ours is a thoughtful, incremental process that allows working teams to focus on core tasks without interruption. We understand that the primary investment in Quality Assurance is not in establishing the system — it’s the ongoing cost of living with these processes every day.

Always be helpful

Our commitment to the success of your project extends beyond our contracted services. Progress can be difficult, and even the most straightforward system can be challenging or meet resistance. We make sure your team has the support they need to roll-out the system across your organisation.

Be bold

Passing audits is not what brings us joy. We want our systems to be loved by the teams that use them for their ability to minimize waste while maximizing productivity and efficiency.

Always keep learning

We invest lots of time in honing our skills both in fieldwork and through continuing education. Our team members love debating software development best practices and what’s the smartest technology to master next.

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