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We are proud to highlight some of our friends in the Atlassian Ecosystem. People who help us and our users do better work every day.

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As a test management app integrated with Jira, Xray acts as a supportive companion for development teams. It helps streamline testing procedures, track test results, and ensure the delivery of high-quality software.


Swarmit is an Atlassian Platinum Partner located strategically in Switzerland. Thanks to their project experience and partnerships, they are experts in team collaboration, agile software development, DevOps, (multi-)project management, SAFe®, SCRUM, Kanban as well as test and knowledge management up to operations and ITSM.

“As part of a Semiconductor company designing products which meet stringent automotive compliance standards, having a Jira live search on a Confluence page does not meet our traceability needs. Jira snapshots for Confluence bridges the gap between the flexibility of Jira and the traceability requirements of our customers. We take snapshots at various parts of the design cycle to ensure a fixed design target when needed and the ability to update when new versions are started. I must also praise their customer support. They were responsive to my suggestions for improvement and gave me an even better product.”

Stephen Ellwood

Principal Systems Architect EPSG/CSD/NTPG
Panthronics AG, a Renasas Company

“When developing high-risk products, you need a high level of reliability and security. If the underlying data is properly controlled and can be retrieved with queries, then a large part of the documentation for FDA approval literally creates itself.”

Richard Koch

SaMD IEC 62304 Consultant Koch SaMD

“With Jira Snapshots, we can query level one and then pull in all associated issues in level two and so on with more levels. And the integration with Xray is incredible. There’s no other tool out there that does precisely that. We have made that discovery of how powerful this is for companies like ours when you bring these tools together.”

Lee Pfortmiller

Senior Business Analyst at Caris Life Sciences

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